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Zoroastrianism & Parsi Beliefs, Practices, Facts


Zoroastrianism & Parsi Beliefs, Practices, Facts

Zoroastrianism is hence one of the world’s oldest monotheistic religions, but many human beings understand little about faith. Zoroastrians do agree within one God, Ahura Mazda that means Wise Lord. They consider He created the world. The fact was once published through His prophet Zoroaster, who is now not worshiped but is observed as his directed path of reality and righteousness.

Zoroastrians are Not Fire Worshipers

Many westerners trust that Zoroastrians are fire-worshipers. However, that’s inaccurate. Fire is a central image of the Zoroastrian belief. Hence they accept as accurate with that fire represents God’s mild and wisdom and additionally that the factors are pure.

Zoroaster Old places

Two Groups in Zoroasters

The religion is break up into two groups: The Iranians and the Parsis. Dr Rashna Writer, writer of ‘Contemporary Zoroastrians: An Unstructured Nation,” said in a public lecture, “Though both are at first Persian, Iranis and Parsis talk distinctive languages, eat one-of-a-kind food, seem to be distinctive and have an exclusive feel of humour.” While there are differences, each agency is trying to find the ‘true’ Zoroastrian vision.”

Was One of the Most Powerful Religions

For a thousand years, Zoroastrianism was once one of the most influential religions in the world. From the era of 600 BCE to 650 CE, it was once the respectable religion of Persia (Iran). Zoroaster is known to be zoroastrianism founder.

Zoroaster Sacred Places

The Religion Suffered From Conquest

Zoroastrians who lived beneath Muslim rule, suffered non-secular persecution in that conquest. Hence they attempted to eradicate the religion through destroying temples as well as burning libraries. Many Zoroastrians were hence forced to convert to Islam as well as subjected to higher taxes, and slowly became the minority faith in Iran.

Survives In Persia, Practiced In India

Zoroastrianism hence survives in Iran (formerly Persia) is ancient persian religion, where the faith commenced and is practiced mostly in India, the place the descendants of Zoroastrian Persian immigrants live.

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Now, One of The Smallest Religions

Zoroastrianism is one of the biggest and world’s oldest monotheistic religions. Hence it is one of the smallest today. It is suggested that there are less than 200,000 workings worldwide.

Believe In Preserving Nature

Many call Zoroastrianism the first ecological religion due to the fact follower’s trust in the purity and goodness of God’s creation. Therefore, they strive to no longer pollute or smash things in nature, along with rivers and trees.

Zoroaster are very Prayerful

zoroastrianism practices pray regularly, numerous instances a day. Because furnace or light represents the divine light of the Ahura Mazda, they pray in the path of the sun. The sacred eBook of Zoroastrianism is referred to as The Avesta and has two principal sections. The first one is the Holy Scriptures and the 2nd consists of rituals, laws and observances.

They have a belief in the duality of existence. They believe that the world is a steady battleground between right and evil and that even although duly will ultimately triumph, people nevertheless have accountability to stay away from evil. They believe upon in the divinity of creation! Zoroastrians agree with that the world, both the seen and the invisible one used to be made from Ahura Mazda’s own body, and we consequently have a responsibility to maintain it pure.



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