Home religions of the world Tenrikyo Beliefs and Practices – Tenrikyo Religion Facts

Tenrikyo Beliefs and Practices – Tenrikyo Religion Facts

Tenrikyo Religious Symbol

Tenrikyo Beliefs and Practices – Tenrikyo Religion Facts

Tenrikyo is a Japanese new religion that is neither strictly monotheistic nor pantheistic. It is originating from the teachings of a 19th-century lady named Nakayama Miki, known to her followers as Oyasama. Tenriism, or Tenrikyo, is one of the fastest-growing spiritual faiths in Japan, and the world as a whole. Just as having been originated by way of Japanese lady named Nakayama Miki in the nineteenth century, the faith now has over 1.75 million followers in Japan and over 2 million worldwide. (2 million followers)

Tenrikyo in Japan

Because the religion and its preaching started in the late mid-1800s as the number of followers it has is genuinely astounding. The natural but noble principals it believes in has led to its prominence and an increasing number of followers. The most super practitioners of the religion are Avram Davidson, the science fiction writer, Naoki Matsuyo, the Japanese footballer, and Ayaka Hirahara, a Japanese pop singer. To know more about other religions of world, check homepage.

Tenrikyo is a Japanese faith with about two million followers today, most of whom stay in Japan. It is a newer religion, having been based in the nineteenth century using a woman, Miki Nakayama. It is a monotheistic faith that believes that God, or Tenri-O-no-Mikoto, revealed wisdom via Nakayama and positive other people. Although reincarnation is a phase of Tenrikyo, its practitioner’s center of attention on cultivating worldly happiness, known as the Joyous Life, via charitable acts and kindness in the direction of others.


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