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Spiritism Religion Definition – What are Spiritisim Religious Beliefs

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Spiritism Religion Definition – What are Spiritisim Religious Beliefs

Spiritualism, in religion, a movement that is primarily based on the belief that departed souls can interact with the living. That is the best definition of spiritism. Spiritualists hence make contact with the dead, typically through the help of a medium. Some mediums labored while in a trancelike state, and some claimed to be the catalyst for various paranormal bodily phenomena via which the spirits announced their presence. (15 million followers)


spiritism religion is a form of religion but not in the ordinary sense of what religion stands for. Religion is usually related to rituals of all varieties such as: worshiping with singing, prayers in a specific physical position, lights of candles and incense, the hierarchy of instructions based on a central figure, devotions to spiritual entities as represented in statues, money series and so on. In that sense, Spiritism is no longer a Religion due to the fact it doesn’t have any rituals. If you had been to attend a Spiritist Center, you wouldn’t locate any of the rituals related to traditional Religions.

spiritism religious

Another vital factor is that, at first, a character new to Spiritism may additionally have the impact that Spiritists worship Allan Kardec as a prophet of some sort. And that is no longer genuine at all. For the Spiritists, Allan Kardec used to be an instrument of the Enlightened Spirits as nicely as all the Mediums as well as the Spirits who have been concerned in the compilation of Spiritism. Allan Kardec is basically the codifier of Spiritism; in different phrases, the organizer or the editor in chief of Spiritism or the Jesus Christ is the most straightforward moral model and guide to be followed.


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