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Islam Beliefs & History – Population & Religious Facts of Islam


Islam Beliefs & History – Population & Religious Facts of Islam

Islam is an Arabic phrase that means “peace,” “security,” and “surrender.” This is the muslim ability “one who peacefully surrenders to God.” Anyone from any race may want to be Muslim; in other words, “Muslim” does not refer to a precise race. The word Islam potential ‘submission to God’ and a Muslim is all of us who submits their existence to God. Islam is a complete way of lifestyles that governs all sides of life: moral, spiritual, social, political, economic, intellectual, etc. Get more knowledge on Islam history to know more.

Islam - Most Peacefull Religion

Population of Islam in the world

There are around 1.5 billion Muslims in the world today, which equates to about a fifth of the world’s population. So Islam is an actually international trust and no longer simply confined to a unique nation, coloration or race. Islam is the world’s quickest developing religion by the number of conversions every year. The religion started in Arabia, however today 80% of all believers in Islam live outside the Arab world. The advancements in Europe all through the Renaissance have been primarily based on thoughts brought by using Muslims from the Islamic World.

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Islam was once implemented in Spain for over six hundred years in which it brought peace and stability. Mosques and constructions in Islamic Spain additionally had some of the most beautiful architectural designs, for instance the Alhambra Palace. The Golden Ratio of the Earth strains up with Mecca. This is one of Islam’s holiest cities. The qiblah used to be in the direction of Jerusalem earlier than it was once modified to Mecca.

Holy Quran-Holy Book of Islam

Holy Quran - Muslim's Sacred Book

Many prophecies hence contained in the Quran have come true. For example, the Quran prophesied in the starting of Chapter 30 (The Romans) that the Byzantines will be effective over the Persians in a coming battle. This came real a few years after these verses had been revealed. Muhammad (pbuh) urged the Muslims to seek know-how and tour around the world. After his death, from the 8th to thirteenth century the Islamic World grew to be very superior in Science, Technology, Medicine, Maths, Astronomy and Art. Quran Majeed is Islam’s holy book.

The Holy Quran is the most memorized book in the world. There are so many Muslims who do not speak Arabic as their mom tongue however has memorized the total Quran. Even adolescents as younger as four have memorized the Quran off by way of heart. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) once stated that there have been about 124,000 prophets who had been sent by the God to a number international locations and tribes all through History. However, only 25 of these prophets are cited in the Quran by means of name. The Quran addresses God with ninety nine distinctive names or attributes. A few of these basic names are: The Merciful, and the All-Knower, The Provider, as well as The Hidden, The source of Peace, plus The Near, The First, The Last etc. Check other Major Religions of the World.

Three Most Holy Cities in Islam

Holy Cities of Islam

Mecca, and Medina and Jerusalem are Islam’s three holy cities. One third of the Quran speaks of preceding prophets and important figures like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mary etc.

The Quran is described as an extensive ocean of knowledge. Some human beings acquire pebbles and shells from its shores. The pupils and thinkers, like pearl divers, take from it the most advanced philosophy, knowledge and regulations of a perfect way of living.


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